pátek 23. října 2009

RING again

I don't have much time so just small overview:

  • Centro patches finally applied

  • suspend is broken on Treos, Centro, TX and probably others, probably git bisect is needed

  • Centro has problem with framebuffer, I have some idea about possible fix, it has top priority now

  • I still haven't found the way, how to run GSM when powered off in PalmOS, but you can power it on in PalmOS and use older cocoboot.prc from my page and get your RING again

  • I added context menu symbol to Treo xkb map, useful when you miss right click with touchscreen, if you use it, you can update

  • It seems that power consumption is lesser in Linux than in PalmOS even with higher clock! Photos on my facebook profile (yes, I was finally Facebookized too, resistance is futile ;)

  • I'll be dad in a month so I'll have less time for this project, sorry.

  • QtExtended support older brother of GSM (in Greenphone) chip residing Treos. It should be quite easy to add support! Volunteers needed.

  • This blog entry was written on Treo680 using Illume on Debian. It's not as fast as good old Opie, but it's much more usable. I've even better impression than from SHR on FreeRunner!

  • There are first attempts about Treo755p, but it will need more time.

Things in my TODO list now:

  1. fix Centro framebuffer (release kernel)

  2. fix GSM problem (release kernel)

  3. fix gsm0710muxd and FSO

  4. try to fix suspend (if Marex won't care)

  5. build kernel for TX, LD, T5

  6. rework install_script.sh (better rights management, support for halmount, add more options)

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